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If you would like to have information sent to you, please login or join our site, then just click the "Send Bidder Package" button below. We will not share your information with anyone. Thank you for your interest. Send Property Information Package

Property Information Packages

Harv Levin, Inc. Auctioneers is pleased to provide potential bidders (at no cost) a property information package.  Click (on left) "Send Property Information Package" and then on the Registration Page (Step 2) please enter property or properties and their addresses, and we will send the additional information directly to you.

This Package will be mailed to you upon request and include the following: 

  1. The front page consists of a photo and general description of the property plus time, date and location of the auction.
  2. Other pages includes the terms and conditions of the sale, the Notice of the Mortgagee or Owner's Sale, a general information sheet further describing the property including age, type of real estate and special features about the property.
  3. Tax & Assessment information
  4. A sample form of the certified or bank/cashiers check.
  5. Back-up bidder form
  6. Sample of the bidder paddle.
  7. Bid rigging information.
  8. Direction map.
  9. Disclaimer notice:

The information provided in this booklet is believed to be correct and complete. However, the mortgagee, the attorney and the auctioneer make no warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy and/or completeness of this information. Prior to the auction, prospective bidders should make such investigation as they deem necessary.


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